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Vacation In India With Farha Holidays

A well reputed name in India Tourism Industry. Ms. Farha joined her family business which was running a group of houseboats in Kashmir valley. Today she took initiate step from her family business & starts her own company under banner of Farha Holidays. After a great success in Jammu and Kashmir past 6 years. She took again a great step to expand her company in domestic and inbound market. She opens a new office in New Delhi which is heart of India . Who’s going to handle along with experiences highly qualified staff in tourism, all over India premier destination Like Ladakh, Kashmir, Golden Triangle, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Goa, Mumbai, Kerala, South India, Sri Lanka & Nepal. Ms. Farha took this discussion due to her personal engagement out of country.

A Holiday in India with Farha Holidays is not merely a Vacation in India. It’s an experience of a lifetime. With an enviable track record of reliability, sourcing and personalized service, the team Farha with its painstaking attention to every detail, ensures that you will get best accommodation and transport facilities while you are on tour to India. So that you spend more time enjoying the country and go back with fond memories, while back home we treasure your smile.

What’s Farha Mission

  • We are seeking for excellence in service and will provide quality service at a cost that will enable us to remain competitive.
  • Develop comprehensive travel products.
  • Aggressively solicit new and growing target groups.
  • Expand our relationship with airlines, hotels, tour operators and travel agents within India as well as overseas.
  • Develop better rapport with corporate clients, senior government officials, secretaries and supportive agents.
Participate with India Tourism Promotion Board on their sales mission to sell India thus developing our reputation and image in the international market.
Diversify the business and be involved in MICE within the country.


  • To be leading Travel Agency in the travel industry providing efficient and effective services to our customers.

What We offer:

  • A wide network all across India & Nepal
  • Fleet of own transportation
  • Fleet of own House Boats in Kashmir under the name of Farha Group
  • Multi-lingual interpreters & guides
  • Live chat facility on MSN, Yahoo & Skype
“Just let India flow over you”, advises a sage Western travel writer.
In India, everything is a contradiction. How could it be otherwise in a country as large as the whole of Western Europe and with an even more bewildering diversity of language, religion, people, climate, topography, food and dress? From North to South and East to West, the first comprehension is that of physical size and diversity. Mountains, rivers, seas, deserts, plains, rain forests, sea, jungles magnificent as they all are, they form only the backdrop for the kaleidoscope of ethnic groups and races that live together in India.


Package Name : Kashmir Tour

Duration : 2 Nights / 03 Days

Members : MAPAI For 02 Adults

Package Name : Manali Tour

Duration : 02 Nights / 03 Days

Members : MAPAI For 02 Adults

We believe that travelling has the supreme power of making someone happy and provide immense serenity. So come travel with us because we know just how incredible India truly is.